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SOL4 (Mödling, Austria, 2005)

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Austria’s biggest passive office building has a façade-integrated PV system. The grid-connected PV system is a ventilated cold façade. The heating energy requirement of the office building is so low (< 15 kWh/m²a) that, over the year, the PV system can supply it completely with the aid of a highly efficient heat pump.

The PV modules were mounted on aluminium rails with a four-point clamping system. The aluminium rails were simply screwed to the dense timber substructure.

Key data

  • modules: 102 glass-glass-modules by Schott Solar
  • installed area: 215 m²
  • installed power: 28,05 kWp
  • yield of energy: ca. 15.670 kWh/a

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