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Power Tower Energie AG (Linz, Austria, 2008)

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The innovative aspect of the energy generation system of the Power Tower is above all the combination of different technologies. Heating, cooling and ventilation of the office building will be provided by a combined heat pump system. The system uses earth, water and sun.

Geothermal heat supplies the basic energy demand of the Power Tower. For heating and cooling, the energy is extracted from the soil by means of deep drilling. The special feature is that the heat generated by summertime cooling is pumped back into the soil and that the natural storage capacity of the soil is used during the wintertime heating season. This system allows efficient energy yield particularly in spring and autumn. Parallel to this, energy is also extracted from the groundwater using two pumping wells. This cooling water is used above all for the IT centre and fresh air supply (kaufmann_2009).

The 638 m² PV system on the south-west façade of the “Power Tower” of Upper Austrian Energie AG is fitted with 252 polycrystalline modules. The PV modules are ventilated and insulated towards the office rooms with 18 cm of rock wool (wilk_powertower).

Key data

  • modules: 252 polycristalline VSG-modules (1.090 x 3.710 mm)
  • installed area: 638 m²
  • installed power:66 kWp
  • yield of energy: ca. 42.000 kWh/a

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