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PV modules with monocrystalline cells (monocrystalline modules)

Monocrystalline modules are available in various sizes and forms. By varying cell spacing, they can be opaque or semitransparent. Monocrystalline modules have the highest efficiency compared with other silicon technologies. Their efficiency ranges between 13 and 20%. Owing to the complex production of monocrystalline cells, these modules are more expensive than polycrystalline and thin-film modules.
Figure 1: PV module with monocrystalline cells

Source: sunways 2009

PV modules with monocrystalline cells usually have a dark-blue to black surface. In back-contact solar cells, the charge carrier is collected at the back only, which gives these modules a completely homogeneous surface.
Figure 2: Detail of a back-contact monocrystalline PV module

Source: solarserver 2009

Figure 3: PV façade with monocrystalline module modules; Vienna Chamber of Commerce

Source: ertex solar 2009

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