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Format and colour


PV modules are available in a wide range of colours and sizes. Standard solar modules are rectangular and between 1.3 m² and 1.7 m² in size. They weigh around 20 kg. Larger modules up to 12 m² can be manufactured in order to create a homogeneous façade. Crystalline and thin-film modules are sold framed or unframed.
Figure 1: Rectangular framed polycrystalline module, dimensions (L x W): 1980 x 990 mm, weight: 30 kg

Source: Solon 2009

Figure 2: Square frameless monocrystalline module, dimensions (L x W x H): 990 x 990 x 57 mm, weight: 15 kg

Source: Solon 2009


Crystalline modules are crystal-blue to black in order to maximise sunlight absorption. Other colours can be achieved by modifying the thickness of the anti-reflection coating on the surface of the solar cell. But the lighter the shade, the less efficient the solar cell. Thin-film modules are reddish-brown or black.
Figure 3: Sample colours of crystalline solar cells

Source: WM Baden-Württemberg

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