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Surface area

The technical potential of building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) on well-suited south-facing surfaces in Austria is approx. 140 km² of roof surface and approx. 50 km² of façade surface. Assuming that Austria’s total electricity requirement will be roughly 100 TWh (100 billion kilowatt hours) in 2050, around 60% of this surface area would need to be used in order to cover 20% of the demand. Based on the increase in efficiency that can be expected by then, an output of approx. 22.5 GWp can be installed on these surfaces (source: H. Fechner et al.).


Owing to the necessity of increasingly switching to ecofriendly forms of energy, the European BIPV market is growing by leaps and bounds. In 2007, the growth rate was 43.8 per cent, and the industry achieved a turnover of 142.6 million euros. Thanks to its favourable feed-in legislation for photovoltaic electricity, Germany is currently the biggest European BIPV market. France comes second. The third-biggest European market, Italy, is currently benefiting from the new solar-promoting law “Conto Energia”. The development in the burgeoning solar markets France and Italy suggests that the rapid growth of the European BIPV market will continue in the years to come (source: Frost 2008).

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