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Cooling energy

Cooling energy demand of a building determines how much energy is required to cool the rooms to a defined temperature (26 °C) during the hot months.

An evaluation of the cooling energy demand simulation shows the annual demand (in kWh) of the different types of façade. Façades with integrated photovoltaics and different angles of inclination have roughly the same cooling demand as a conventional natural stone façade. Savings on a building’s cooling demand can be achieved by using photovoltaics as a sunshading element or in a double façade.
Figure 1: Comparison of cooling energy demand of different façades (kWh/a)
The graph for the percentage change in cooling energy demand of the various types of façade shows that
  • PV façades cause a marginally increased cooling demand because they heat up
  • the sunshading façade reduces the cooling demand by around 40 per cent
  • the PV double façade (PV on DF) reduces demand by more than 80%
Figure 2: Percentage change of cooling energy demand of different types of façade

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