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Monitoring the operating data of a PV system guarantees that failures and faults are detected quickly. This allows you to take measures to remedy problems and minimise power generation losses. Although PV systems usually work without any hitches, any possible faults or failures are only detected after several months if no monitoring system is installed.

Inverters permit basic monitoring of operation as they record the main operating data such as power output or faults and inform the operator by email or text message.

Solar monitoring systems allow exact monitoring of PV system yield and function.
The technical monitoring software provides functions such as:
  • Detailed web-based display of all yield data: hourly, daily, monthly, annual or total view
  • Output monitoring by comparing inverter and individual strings
  • Monitoring of status and error messages in the inverters
  • Calculation of annual degradation (loss of solar module power)
Figure 1: Monitoring of hourly yield of a sample PV system

Source: sunnyportal 2009

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