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The modules used in building-integrated photovoltaics should conform to the following glass standards:

ÖNORM EN 14449

This European standard covers the assessment of conformity and in-factory production monitoring of laminated safety glass and laminated glass to EN 12543-2 and EN 12543-3.

ÖNORM EN 1279-5

This part of the “Glass in construction” standard deals with the assessment of conformity of insulated glazing.

ÖNORM EN 12150-2

This standard specifies tolerances, straightness, edge finishing, breaking behaviour, and physical and mechanical properties of single-pane soda-lime safety glass.

ÖNORM B 3738

This ÖNORM contains requirements to be met by insulated glazing used in construction and consisting of two or more different or identical panes. If modules are used overhead, the technical rules of ÖNORM B 3716-2 apply.

Current examples of overhead glazing from Austria include the municipal centre in Ludesch/Vlbg. and the castle tower in Waidhofen/Lower Austria.

Figure 1: Municipal centre Ludesch, Vorarlberg

Source: ertex solar

Figure 2: Castle tower in Waidhofen with PV modules as overhead glazing

Source: ertex solar

Figure 3: Castle tower in Waidhofen with PV modules as overhead glazing – detail

Source: ertex solar

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