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If PV modules are used as façade-forming elements, they are equivalent to façades and must conform to the requirements of construction law, structural stability, building physics, corrosion protection, and durability (arsenal research 2006). Important pertinent standards and guidelines are:

ÖNORM EN1990 to 1999

ÖNORM EN 1990 defines the requirements for structural integrity, fitness for use, and durability of load-bearing structures. It describes the basic principles of planning load-bearing structures and indicates the reliability requirements to be applied. This document applies in connection with EN 1991 to EN 1999 for calculation and dimensioning of load-bearing structures in building construction and civil engineering.

ÖNORM EN 13830

This standard specifies the properties of curtain walls. Fulfilling the stipulated test criteria is a precondition for obtaining the CE mark, that has been mandatory for curtain walls since December 2005.

ÖNORM B 8110 (Part 1 to 6)

This multi-part standard regulates thermal protection and protection against moisture. This ÖNORM specifies basic principles and verification procedures regarding thermal protection requirements to be met by buildings. In this connection, the OIB (Österreichisches Institut für Bautechnik) regulations, above all OIB Regulation 6, Energy Saving and Thermal Protection, must be taken into account.

ÖNORM B 4000

In terms of structural stability, the modules are subject to the load of their own weight, the wind, and the effects of temperature. ÖNORM B 4000 applies here, containing the general calculation base for building construction.

Fire resistance category B1

In terms of fire resistance, PV modules (depending on application, building height, and clearance to neighbouring buildings) must be at least fire resistance category B1 (sonnendeal 2009). Building materials are divided into fire resistance category A (non-combustible building materials) and fire resistance category B (combustible building materials). B1 stands for hardly flammable building materials.
Figure 1: PV curtain wall, Neuenrade, Germany

Source: energieagentur 2009

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