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Power purchase agreement

The next step is to conclude an agreement with a power vendor who will purchase the photovoltaic electricity. The operator can offer the electricity he generates to an Austrian power vendor of his choice or contact the OeMAG office responsible for Ökostrom AG.
By way of tariff subsidisation, if offered by the federal state for this size of system (see Subsidies and revenue), a maximum revenue of 38,00 cents/kWh may be achieved for the electricity exported to the grid. In addition to the power purchase agreement, recognition of the photovoltaic system as a green power system is a prerequisite for obtaining a tariff or investment subsidy.

Vienna currently offers an investment subsidy of max. 2400€/kWp for photovoltaic systems. However, it is currently not possible to earn higher electricity feed-in tariffs through tariff subsidisation. OeMAG is, however, obliged to purchase green power from “recognised green power systems” at official minimum prices. These minimum prices can be viewed on the Energie-Control GmbH website.

Last page update: 25.01.2011