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Grid connection agreement and recognition as a “green power system”

Connecting a photovoltaic system to the public power grid requires a grid connection agreement. The respective grid operators (usually the regional energy utilities) are responsible. The grid connection agreement also allocates a meter point, that is also required for further applications.

After concluding the grid connection agreement and allocating the meter point, an application for “recognition as a green power system” is made to the office of the competent regional government.

In Vienna, an application must be made for “approval of the photovoltaic system”. Along with this application, you can also apply for “recognition as a green power system”. The application to be submitted to MA 64 (Legal matters of construction, energy, railways and aviation) (viewable at: must include the following documents:
  • Plan indicating the location of the system (clearly), also with regard to the surroundings
  • A copy of the agreement with the responsible grid operator
  • Single-phase wiring diagram
  • Declaration of conformity for the inverter

Last page update: 25.01.2011