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Completion of the construction project and commissioning of the system

Notification of completion

After completion, the building authority must be notified of completion. The authority may demand acceptance reports as proof of any conditions imposed. Such reports must be issued by an inspection engineer or civil engineer – as the “representative” of the authority. These acceptance records must be included with the notification of completion. Finally, the authority itself merely checks that all documents are complete. The building or system must not be used before submitting the fully backed-up notification of completion.

Inspection record

Before commissioning the PV system, an electrical engineer must draw up an inspection record. The duly drawn up inspection record confirms conformity to ÖVE/ÖNORM E 2750 and ÖVE/ÖNORM E 8001. The result of the inspection is a compliance record, that the customer countersigns when the PV system is handed over to him. Next, the meter is installed and the regional energy provider connects the system to the grid.

In Vienna, the mandatory notification of completion is submitted to MA 37. The documents to be included are listed online at

In the course of subsidy settlement, the PV system is inspected by the authority granting the subsidy (MA 27). The following documents must be kept ready:
Figure 1: Façade with integrated PV modules, energybase, Vienna

Source: WWFF 2009

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