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Flat roofs and arched roofs

PV modules can be integrated into any type of flat roof (non-ventilated, ventilated, green roof areas). The large contiguous areas commonly available allow simple and thus inexpensive assembly and also easy maintenance. When installing on green roofs, it must be ensured that the vegetation does not shade the modules.
Figure 1: Flat roof with PV integration

Source: ertex solar 2009

Solar laminates can be used on low-load bearing roof structures. These plastic roof laminates with thin-film photovoltaic elements are glassless and frameless and are installed as the top layer on a hard roof (e.g. mineral fibre board).
Figure 2: Flat roof with solar laminates, residential complex, Braunschweig

Source: alwitra GmbH & Co.

Arched surfaces and roofs are equally suited for use with PV systems, as PV modules can also be mounted on curved load-bearing surfaces. This means added freedom of design when integrating them into the building.
Figure 3: PV integration on arched roof surface, Ingolstadt

Source: solarcenter 2009

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