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Post-and-beam structure

Unlike unit system structures, in the commonly used post-and-beam structures the individual elements (posts, beams, glazing) are assembled and mounted on site. Only then is the glazing or the PV module inserted. The continuous vertical supports (posts) are usually secured to the floors and the horizontal supports (beams) between the posts.

The solar modules are mounted on the post-and-beam substructure using brackets of aluminium, steel or plastic. Post-and-beam structures can be implemented as cold or warm façades.

Figure 1: Post-and-beam structure: PV module as insulated glazing unit (Schüco FW50+)

Source: AluKönigStahl / Dr. Pfeiler GmbH

Figure 2: Post-and-beam structure: PV module in spandrel area and as single glazing (Schüco FW50+)

Source: AluKönigStahl / Dr. Pfeiler GmbH

Figure 3: Post-and-beam structure with thin-film modules

Source: schüco 2005

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