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PV modules can be held at a single point or in a line, with visible or invisible mounting structures. Brackets and SSG systems used in post-and-beam structures are examples of linear holders. In point holders, the modules are fastened with clips, rivets or screws. This creates a frameless all-glass façade.
Figure 1: Photovoltaic façade with point holders, Piz Nair top station, CH

Source: sun technics

Figure 2: Detail of point holder system, Piz Nair, CH

Source: sun technics

In the Fischer mounting system, the PV modules are fastened using anchor technology. In this system, no mounting points are visible on the outside. One well-known project in which this module mounting technique was used is the in-façade PV system of the Kriegerhornbahn top station.
Figure 3: Glass point holder system with anchor technology

Source: fischerwerke

Figure 4: Kriegerhornbahn top station

Source: archtour 2009

Figure 5: Kriegerhornbahn top station – four-point holder on the back of the PV modules

Source: semco 2009

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