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Double façades

In double façades, an additional glass skin is installed in front of an existing standalone façade in order to improve the climate of the building or sound insulation. The PV modules integrated in the glass skin offer shading in addition to generating electricity and protecting from the cold and noise.

Double façades are particularly well suited for using photovoltaic elements, which should be installed on the outside skin. Because the outside skin is ventilated, the efficiency of the photovoltaic elements is excellent. The modules are encapsulated in the laminated glass of the outside skin. They can cover the entire surface or just the spandrel areas of the outside skin.
Structurally, it is also possible to use photovoltaic elements in the inside skin, but the disadvantages are less energy input due to reduced energy transmission through the outside skin and lower efficiency because it is not possible to ventilate the photovoltaic cells.
Figure 1: Double façade with PV integration, Paderborn, GER

Source: Biohaus 2009

Figure 2: Double façade: Beam section with PV system (Schüco AWS 75BS.SI )

Source: AluKönigStahl / pfeiler 2009

Figure 3: Double façade: Beam section without PV system (Schüco AWS 75BS.SI )

Source: AluKönigStahl / pfeiler 2009

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